No one wants to hear a black woman cry…

The image is by @ashelystraker of a  black queen with a crown made of energy silently crying on the inside. 

No one wants to hear

a black woman cry

they don’t want to hear the utter truth of reality

of how this society

is  not synced within the transmittal waves of the sun

or how the natural patterns of the universe

adjusts to the sounds of our creative souls

our being

that which was is

It is no more

being intermixed within a false reality

this global anti black anthem creates sickness

of  blame

at me

at things

at us black man

at you

while we, are in and incumbent slumber of perpetual nightmares

as some of you walk past within your lower vibration


we still love…we still love…we still love

Remember our dreams are mere touch points of learning

they do not define our souls

learning the secrets of

our trueselves


this unjust timing

as our cries go into the darkness of undefined love, misogynistic temptations of children not yet arisen

our tightly knit cries

of untrust

are just

what keeps the world in a midst of silent mercy

Can you feel the change of frequency

Where love resides?

let’s be silent…….

Its time

to recreate our reality again

within ourselves

our family

our community

it will happen only thru black women

No one wants to hear black women cry

except God,

the Universe and the sun..

The elements are our angels, spirit souls connected to our vibrations

So a nation can rise no higher than where have chosen to stand….

Sistas we have work todo within in our own skin.

Let’s lift our vibrations within circles

cut the tv off, stop posting, let our love vibrate faster the sound.

despite the daily pains we take to keep this world in tact

truthful cries covered in false reality

in authentic lies and systems

that keep creativity from breathing…..

No one wants to hear black women cry

except God,

the Universe and the sun..





Time is my everything…

Time is my lover

It is my friend

It speeds the necessity of flow

Within the veins of all that will be..

all that is known 

we once were romantic lovers 

we both figured out very early

Sentimentality isn’t the strongest of bonds for us to be in 

it’s not real enough for us

we both became disappointed quite easily

across vortexes

So we decided to yield to our natural waves 

within vibrational love




In knowing that time only tells with this one life.

Times intention for me is always in lifting me up

To be greater than what I can see within the moment

it’s within that moment I’m able to lay seeds

for the future tense and only time allows me to see

for me..I respect the laws of it’s frequency

So time…

It’s the angel of stillness upon a frosted corner in the middle of a lonely night when only the sounds of nature and the spirit world are active. 

it allows me to be courageous

It’s my navigation system within a jungle of oppressive systems

it allows me to be resilient

It’s the brilliant sunbeams that feed my melanin energy at the calm of every story that my ancestors have transmitted unto my DNA

it allows me to create

I allow it to love me




Is my lover

It’s my friend

It’s my twin soul experience of what was before and everything that comes after it

it’ will be my forever meantime

Time is my everything…

Thought it would be fun to share my 2017 playlist.  I’m sure there are several more I could have added.  Yet each song helped me get through a point of time throughout the year.   Some of the songs are so random yet they caught my ear and allowed me to learn something.  Next time I’ll lay out my mix tape collection!

  • Human by Tank and the Bangas
  • Interlude (god push me) by Tank and the Bangas
  • Add to me by Ledsi
  • Where is the soul by Mamma soul and the N.U.T.s
  • The Exercise by Mamma soul and the N.U.T.s
  • I’d rather be with you by Bootsy Collins
  • 24K Magic by Bruno Mars
  • That’s what I like by Bruno Mars
  • Privacy by Chris Brown
  • Make Love by Chris Brown
  • Get you by Daniel Caesar
  • Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled
  • Can’t Hide Love by Earth Wind and Fire
  • Crowned and Kissed by Esperanza Spalding
  • You can’t always get what you want by Ituana
  • Incapable by Keyshia Cole
  • Mars/Venus by Koffee Brown
  • Lalah Hathaway Live
  • Drive by by Eric Bellinger
  • Goat 2.0 featuring Wale by Eric Bellinger
  • Melanin by the Secret is out
  • Jennifer by Trinidad Cardona
  • Fight for you by Mali Music
  • Royalty by Mali Music
  • Confident by Demi Lovato
  • Sorry not Sorry by Demi Lovato
  • Think about that by Jessie J
  • Queen by Jessie J
  • Learn Ya by 6lack
  • Problems by 6lack
  • Love by Kendrick Lamar
  • Loyalty  Kendrick Lamar
  • Damn  Kendrick Lamar
  • Makeda by Les Nubians
  • Fairplay Kiana Lede
  • I am light by India Arie
  • Rake it up by Yo Gottie
  • Be Great by Kevin Ross
  • Hard to Do by K. Michelle
  • Rachet Commandments by Tink
  • Broken Clocks by SZA
  • Super Model by SZA
  • Pretty Wings by Maxwell
  • Brand New Me by Alicia Keys
  • Fire we make By Alicia Keys and Maxwell
  • Don’t be cruel by Bobby Brown
  • U + Me (love lesson) by Mary J

    Image credit: Krista Franklin

The broken clocks of toxic work environments

“A story teller does not tell of a different season” – Yoruba proverb”

Tick tock

Tick tock


The old sound of chains


colonizing damages

No black woman’s voice for nurturing




Using a so called black boy’s mane

To allow the black woman to be forgotten.

As the “so called” liberal whore is there for the usage

labeling it “diversity”



trade in

In the war of

continuing inbreeding

fucked up thinking



white dominance

As the old crew of imperialism, capitalism, patriarchy, laughs, back bites, during golf or cigars

always pushing their personal agendas forward


Welcome to the “ game of orgs”


Winter is coming

it’s about who gets what when, and how from

scalable efficiencies

accessibility, diversity and inclusion are root words for keep it going…standardization  





within bastardized personal learning language

algorithms of homo sapien futurizing

that same ole shit

instead of New World, New Sound, New Thought, New Definitions that’s that “creative science” shit that’s embedded in African Thought Systems

top down

leadership masquerading as management

Flat culture

buzz world ritual management until it chokes

all the impactful creating from

learners as individuals

This is the “enlightenment” era of Ed technology

So everyone’s a casualty

Without the money, power, and title…really?

In this age, in this stage of the original man thinking…

Yet entrepreneurship is the new mindset for learners

design thinking



creativity as passive language

This system doesn’t want that shit!!!!

Let’s be realistic

augmenting the new workers

new chokers

new jokers

rejecting their own humanity

for a quick fix of the latest technology

mass producing non critical thinkers

to make it happen within the same old pipeline

of slavery

delivered personally under innovation and obedience

SHHHHH…no thinking

SHHHHH…don’t make no waves

SHHHHH…just do what’s required

be apart of the “buzz world” of non producing

only paper documents are required and a checklist if it was done or not

SHHHHH ignore the code of genius inside of you.

You’ll keep your job.

Tick tock

Tick tock

Tick tock



The broken clock of toxic work environments   



Design Dilemma #1 : Creating Authenticity Combat Vets – Embracing Stories iteration 2

How authentic do we want this experience to continue to be?  During boot camp nobody receives choices other than to do what’s being instructed in the military.  Why should we give our learners choices when our combat veterans had none?  What do we do?  Is it possible to recreate this feeling of loss of choices?  We’re mirroring an experience many of our learners, future social workers and helping professionals, may not ever experienced in their life.  There needs to be a learning balance.

Working on this problem of how authentic our simulated experiences should be is tough when designing.  As an inclusive designer, I love to give learners choices on how they submit their assignments to help increase the engagement yet should they have a choice on what they do during boot-camp?  The die heart immersive designer in me says NO!  I always ask, What would Chris say (My brother from another mother).  It would be no lol  yet I’m glad Emily brought up these question during our work time.  Early this week we came up with some amazing ideas on how to give our learners choices on what to do during boot-camp and assigning points while creating a leader board to view the points.  lol  We go big all the time.    Now…we’re back to the basics on allowing no choice in what they do for boot-camp but choice in how they submit.   The boot-camp assignments are to build camaraderie.  The only way to do is have all of them go through the same thing and share.

Dilemma solved.  Love to hear your thoughts.


collaborative death of innovation 2017

As I walk into the room

A room that looks vibrant, open, and collaborative

yet with no human life inside

I see smiles.  Yet the movements are not real to my thinking

my sensitivities are at an all time high

this space is not made for creative minds..creative thinking

the dictation admits

Only certain types of minds

to be able to function within this space

while chaos is quietly contained

so sophisticated play is not admitted

my universal mind

is a walking target

my critical view

is forsaken

“I don’t want her working on any projects”

so I’m unseen


and murdered everyday walking in that building

no true love for humankind because original thinkers are looked at as nonhuman

no respect of a new nomenclature of learning

There’s shallowness

that breaths coldness with the space

Whether it’s real or fake

it’s thoroughly made known that only certain people can partake within this turning over of ole bones of a system

Only those who are deemed competent can exist or be semi valued

While the axis of compassion, love, vibrational soul

have no way to live within it

There’s no windows to living plants, no music, no dance, no living rituals that breath fresh air into the atmosphere

Super Egos rule this “game of org” types species

no humility

no fun

no dreams are allowed

Your passions are for our control and take

only disrespect of life

gives you the right credentials to paper create

The system within system within system is built for those who only see numbers, the roi, the  do-what’s told type of thinking…

innovation…that’s a play around word for old homspaien culture

Being revolutionary …creating authenticity within an inauthentic environment

an inauthentic system

means you can get killed, maimed, disgraced and murdered amongst the species of the old system

While going against the grain speaking truth

refusing integration upon deaths door

risk-taking is not valued unless you embrace the colonized mind of dominance

so a white boy can write out a CV of mistakes while embracing congratulations and people like me get a write up, a warning, or no projects.

This is a strange strange place of many strange fruits


rudeness for the sake of research

masked within technological pedagogy

A sad sad sad place without a care for redemption

a collaborative space of killing creative minds with no forgiveness



Image credit by @hypeisdead 

higher ed higher pledge…

Higher ed

Higher pledge

between the threads

you teach

you propel

you dispell

you dish out

how you were lead

how you were shaped to be

through warped ideas

of ideologies

of inferority

of exclusive dominance

as you continuously

chok… the… fuck

out of all the creativity

from me

out of learning

What’s your intent?

Where’s your nobility

in nuturing minds

in loving

in  living

to the passion and desire of

shaping better people

for the greater good…

to create a better existence

yet what I feel, look, see, and touch

are  hidden touch points

of bias viewpoints

of top down culture

focusing on subsets, subcultures, subprofit, subdominance


the differentiation

of all thoughts




curious tinkering

as a detour

to maintain

the supremacy of nineteen hundred year old thinking…

Higher ed,

Higher pledge

to what?

group thought

group walk

group thinking

silos of shame

who can I blame

and non ethical lenses

what are you running from higher ed?

what cards are being played?

while you’re marginalizing

who am

as a disable person

as a veteran

as an immigrant

as a woman

a black woman

a creative

a polymath

of new thinking

what happened to those 21st skills sets you wish to teach and bring forth

through experietial learning

What happened to that entrepreneurial mindset that you wish all your students to seek

as I am here

you exist in fear

So when I say who I am

you then tell me what I can’t be

Higher ed

Higher pledge

                            between the threads

the lines of the lies

marginalizing creative thought

creative thinking…..

photo credit:  @mahanypery by @lucasmennezes for @maybellinenybrasil