A Change of Frequency Announcement

“Alone, i am nothing. i have nothing.we have power.but we will never know it,we will never see it work.unless we come together to make it work.”
― Ayi Kwei ArmahThe Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born
Rethink this phrase:  That you are extraordinary.
You are only as extraordinary by the company you keep.
Your mind.
Your thoughts. 
Your community.
You’re scenius.
Who you are first.
What you produce.
within the legacy of love you impart to others
as well as yourself.
Fuck genius…
Genius is a dominant culture term.
Most genius minds are tormented, twisted and mad within their patriarchal thinking. 
We have to reach a bit further than what’s made visible.
CENTERING. Centering..centering centering
allows for evolution.
You, my people, are born to TRANSCEND.
You are born to be a CREATOR
New meaning
New thoughts
New culture
New experiences
New patterns
New connections
New consciousness
Elevated frequencies
WE create…
THIS IS AN interruption 
Let’s self master…let’s build our future.
#changeoffrequency #creativescience #creativesystems
I absolutely love his Artwork:  by  Art X Man 

Time is my everything…

Time is my lover

It is my friend

It speeds the necessity of flow

Within the veins of all that will be..

all that is known 

we once were romantic lovers 

we both figured out very early

Sentimentality isn’t the strongest of bonds for us to be in 

it’s not real enough for us

we both became disappointed quite easily

across vortexes

So we decided to yield to our natural waves 

within vibrational love




In knowing that time only tells with this one life.

Times intention for me is always in lifting me up

To be greater than what I can see within the moment

it’s within that moment I’m able to lay seeds

for the future tense and only time allows me to see

for me..I respect the laws of it’s frequency

So time…

It’s the angel of stillness upon a frosted corner in the middle of a lonely night when only the sounds of nature and the spirit world are active. 

it allows me to be courageous

It’s my navigation system within a jungle of oppressive systems

it allows me to be resilient

It’s the brilliant sunbeams that feed my melanin energy at the calm of every story that my ancestors have transmitted unto my DNA

it allows me to create

I allow it to love me




Is my lover

It’s my friend

It’s my twin soul experience of what was before and everything that comes after it

it’ will be my forever meantime

Time is my everything…

my year of intentions 2018

Tonight I am writing out my year long intentions that I will focus on throughout the year.  These are areas within my life that I’m passionate about and would like to see grow:

  1. Ask empowering questions to God through prayer.
  2. Love with no fear.  
  3. Work on myself, within my family, with my children, to spread peace and love as deeply as we can.  
  4. Meditate profusely.
  5. Utilize my prophetic imagination within every endeavour.
  6. Share more of my gifts through the arts, social justice, and foresight.   
  7. Redirect energy that isn’t mine.  
  8. Focus on my lessons and not use the pain for reference anymore.  
  9. Give deep attention in growing the act, process, and gift of critical learning wherever I go.   
  10. Work with people who are doing similar community work, who are fearless within the cause.  

Wish me the best or you can join me!  

Inspired by adrienne maree brown author of  “emergent strategy” and “octavia’s brood” 

image credit by artxman “opulence”

Thought it would be fun to share my 2017 playlist.  I’m sure there are several more I could have added.  Yet each song helped me get through a point of time throughout the year.   Some of the songs are so random yet they caught my ear and allowed me to learn something.  Next time I’ll lay out my mix tape collection!

  • Human by Tank and the Bangas
  • Interlude (god push me) by Tank and the Bangas
  • Add to me by Ledsi
  • Where is the soul by Mamma soul and the N.U.T.s
  • The Exercise by Mamma soul and the N.U.T.s
  • I’d rather be with you by Bootsy Collins
  • 24K Magic by Bruno Mars
  • That’s what I like by Bruno Mars
  • Privacy by Chris Brown
  • Make Love by Chris Brown
  • Get you by Daniel Caesar
  • Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled
  • Can’t Hide Love by Earth Wind and Fire
  • Crowned and Kissed by Esperanza Spalding
  • You can’t always get what you want by Ituana
  • Incapable by Keyshia Cole
  • Mars/Venus by Koffee Brown
  • Lalah Hathaway Live
  • Drive by by Eric Bellinger
  • Goat 2.0 featuring Wale by Eric Bellinger
  • Melanin by the Secret is out
  • Jennifer by Trinidad Cardona
  • Fight for you by Mali Music
  • Royalty by Mali Music
  • Confident by Demi Lovato
  • Sorry not Sorry by Demi Lovato
  • Think about that by Jessie J
  • Queen by Jessie J
  • Learn Ya by 6lack
  • Problems by 6lack
  • Love by Kendrick Lamar
  • Loyalty  Kendrick Lamar
  • Damn  Kendrick Lamar
  • Makeda by Les Nubians
  • Fairplay Kiana Lede
  • I am light by India Arie
  • Rake it up by Yo Gottie
  • Be Great by Kevin Ross
  • Hard to Do by K. Michelle
  • Rachet Commandments by Tink
  • Broken Clocks by SZA
  • Super Model by SZA
  • Pretty Wings by Maxwell
  • Brand New Me by Alicia Keys
  • Fire we make By Alicia Keys and Maxwell
  • Don’t be cruel by Bobby Brown
  • U + Me (love lesson) by Mary J

    Image credit: Krista Franklin

Journal Club thoughts….

We started a few different things at work…one of which is journal club.  I have no idea what journal club is suppose to be about other than sharing papers that “management” picks and we discuss.   This can be good if the overall goal of this time and focus is shared so it can be mutually beneficial.  There’s never any balanced discourse.  Everyone agrees with what ever is going on and most of the time the literature is based upon some end goal that is never shared with the entire group.

What i think journal club is suppose to do is be a space for us within the Hub to present papers that are related to the mission and goals  and to emphasize an interdisciplinary environment while learning from one another.  I’m more of a transdiciplinary type of person.  I like to create new things so sometimes I get lost within the rhetoric and space of this activity.

I’m hoping over time that this would be a place for authentic discussion as well as leadership development when it pertains to our roles within and outside the hub.  It should also be a place where we find out more in depth about the projects other people are working as the theory they present should match to what they are putting into practice.  It would be great that this could be the opportunity to practice mini talks and get feedback from our peers thereby creating a supportive collaborative environment.  Instead it seems quite forced feed due to the lack of psychological safety within this new space.

Some behaviors I see that are stopping it from happening:

  • Only men speak.
  • Only men respond to one another
  • Only men ask questions
  • There’s no real diversity in thinking shared
  • there is no psychological safety in sharing
  • the aim and goal is not clear enough for the participants

Instead it’s as if the activity is drifting between aims and goals within the department.  Just a trial activity being lead from management and not from the people who are leading the day to day front (the people).



An ode to Ed Technology

what mask shall I wear?

What pedagogical approach is right for the day?

Which identity should I choose

As a walk into “the game of orgs” that see’s

no value

in me

no respect

no love

harsh realities with fresh scars all in the name of  learning

Shall I stay silent today past the judgmental stares of inadequacy

Or …shall I take the path of bearing the fruit of my exuberance

while the distant light

of 19th century dominance (theory) runs from

the glare of me

who am I as a little black girl

to state boldly what I represent, what I create

to be more than what they call me?

what I’m designated to be within old hierarchy

my question

who am I not to be.

playing small with the light doesn’t suite me

living life  is not a game

I was born for a purpose

interstellar  transdisiplinary intentions

yet everyday I  walk into a field of discipline specific minds

where there is no consciousness

no ethical layer of honesty

Decisions are made within closed minds

closed doors

with no emphatically lens

no hope of inclusion or visible diversity

other than who wins?

who really wins…

within this game

of no valor

Trust is of little value

Thus the game of thrones is playing out

So therein lies

the life within Higher Education

Which mask shall I wear?

which pedagogical approach is best for you today?

Which identity shall I choose?


Image Credit :  by Diane Morgan http://www.nitrobeat.co.uk/news/unleashing-imagination-and-alternative-visions-fut/




a quick reflection on my day…

Today was a day of tremendous information overload and processing.  My attempt to move past this information overload  is that I’m choosing to experience more than just taking information from the center to my peripheral view.  Hell I live!  I go out explore, interact, take chances, risks, give back thru service, travel, and I’m semi ok with the failing concept.  See many within a dominant culture theory don’t understand the context of the word failure within the African american perspective.  There’s a severe cognitive dissonance of expectation and learning when looking from this extreme lens.   I, being a feminine spirit, that’s creative, and a black queen.. thrive in a world where everything is set up for me to fail (emergence theory).  So when we talk about experimentation..hell I do that every single day I get up and come to work in an environment that’s not shaped within my cultural perspective of being a human being.   Who I am, what I’m shaped from, and my intentions are all purposeful.  Yet within the system,  failure within work culture =  I don’t get projects.  So I have to be exceptional even if the powers of be don’t value what I bring. To be who I am and do what I do I have to be beyond exceptional on every accord.

So back to information overload…I experience life as a self care technique due to me being nerd chic within technology, an avid learning coupled with the creative gift of deep empathy.  I can take on a lot from others if I’m not mindful of my intentions for the day.  I can get easily distracted from the energy people bring to an experience.   So I am very thoughtful (picky) about who I choose to engage in conversation.  Call it how you choose.  I live life as truthful as I possibly can so I’m being honest about avoidance.  lol  It’s real!  It’s even noted as a contingency tactic when developing projects within Project Management Institute (PMI).

With that said, I create many beautiful things with people I don’t like.  Crazy right..or is it?  My main goal in life is always love and understanding.  LOVE=LEARNING.  LEARNING=LOVE.  Learning can happen at anytime, anyplace, and with anyone.  You never know what the universe may send as a messenger.  So I grow through the lessons I receive through this journey.

Currently I’m working through a reflective process with my design partner, Emily.  We’re attempting to wrap our minds around the first iteration of a immersive learning design experiment we just finished up in December.  We also have two other teammates we see once a week Tina and Glenn.  I love them as family.  We’re an eclectic bunch I tell yah!!

So to wrap up my thoughts..my day went like this:

  • got my babies ready for school.
  • made sure bills were paid for the month
  • attended a branding workshop
  • Pitch meeting for blog posts on the Hub website
  • shared some diagrams on Buzz words used within industry and academia
  • asked a whole bunch of questions
  • listened for  a different perspective
  • wrote a bio for an event where I’m the keynote
  • Figured out 4 different learning paths for a course
  • Collaborated on documentation
  • updated a course I’m co teaching.
  • Wrote a proposal for an article on reflection in learning
  • Created specs for image submission for a journal

Then finally the best…attending a event at the Kellogg center for a Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor.

Critique of the day:

  • Don’t shush your Inner VOICE.  It’s who you really are.
  • If people are uncomfortable with your exuberance.  That’s their shit.
  • write and get your thoughts out

Still processing some stuff..oh well.  Just finishing sending emails and scheduling meetings.   My OCD bestie Octavia talks about my inbox every time she looks at my phone.  Lawwdddd..    oh well I’m about to watch the New Edition mini series on BET to relax!!

Until next time.

P.S  I LOVE my life.  (smile)   Still tired as hell though lol