What’s in a piece of information?

What can you tell about a person’s ideology based upon the books they read?

Better yet, what can you tell about an academic mind thinks by what they consume (Journals, white papers, articles, books, weblinks, etc)

My list for the last month:

Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

A Change of Frequency Announcement

“Alone, i am nothing. i have nothing.we have power.but we will never know it,we will never see it work.unless we come together to make it work.”
― Ayi Kwei ArmahThe Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born
Rethink this phrase:  That you are extraordinary.
You are only as extraordinary by the company you keep.
Your mind.
Your thoughts. 
Your community.
You’re scenius.
Who you are first.
What you produce.
within the legacy of love you impart to others
as well as yourself.
Fuck genius…
Genius is a dominant culture term.
Most genius minds are tormented, twisted and mad within their patriarchal thinking. 
We have to reach a bit further than what’s made visible.
CENTERING. Centering..centering centering
allows for evolution.
You, my people, are born to TRANSCEND.
You are born to be a CREATOR
New meaning
New thoughts
New culture
New experiences
New patterns
New connections
New consciousness
Elevated frequencies
WE create…
THIS IS AN interruption 
Let’s self master…let’s build our future.
#changeoffrequency #creativescience #creativesystems
I absolutely love his Artwork:  by  Art X Man 

Time is my everything…

Time is my lover

It is my friend

It speeds the necessity of flow

Within the veins of all that will be..

all that is known 

we once were romantic lovers 

we both figured out very early

Sentimentality isn’t the strongest of bonds for us to be in 

it’s not real enough for us

we both became disappointed quite easily

across vortexes

So we decided to yield to our natural waves 

within vibrational love




In knowing that time only tells with this one life.

Times intention for me is always in lifting me up

To be greater than what I can see within the moment

it’s within that moment I’m able to lay seeds

for the future tense and only time allows me to see

for me..I respect the laws of it’s frequency

So time…

It’s the angel of stillness upon a frosted corner in the middle of a lonely night when only the sounds of nature and the spirit world are active. 

it allows me to be courageous

It’s my navigation system within a jungle of oppressive systems

it allows me to be resilient

It’s the brilliant sunbeams that feed my melanin energy at the calm of every story that my ancestors have transmitted unto my DNA

it allows me to create

I allow it to love me




Is my lover

It’s my friend

It’s my twin soul experience of what was before and everything that comes after it

it’ will be my forever meantime

Time is my everything…

my year of intentions 2018

Tonight I am writing out my year long intentions that I will focus on throughout the year.  These are areas within my life that I’m passionate about and would like to see grow:

  1. Ask empowering questions to God through prayer.
  2. Love with no fear.  
  3. Work on myself, within my family, with my children, to spread peace and love as deeply as we can.  
  4. Meditate profusely.
  5. Utilize my prophetic imagination within every endeavour.
  6. Share more of my gifts through the arts, social justice, and foresight.   
  7. Redirect energy that isn’t mine.  
  8. Focus on my lessons and not use the pain for reference anymore.  
  9. Give deep attention in growing the act, process, and gift of critical learning wherever I go.   
  10. Work with people who are doing similar community work, who are fearless within the cause.  

Wish me the best or you can join me!  

Inspired by adrienne maree brown author of  “emergent strategy” and “octavia’s brood” 

image credit by artxman “opulence”

What is critical digital pedagogy?

Digital Pedagogy Lab fellowship question for 2017

In the length of a single tweet (280 characters), offer your definition of Critical Digital Pedagogy. Include text here, or tweet and share a link. *

Critical Digital Pedagogy is laboratory where one questions and find answers, and the place where visions of theory and praxis come together.  Through liberation in thinking it allows human understanding to take place. It is the heartbeat of critical thinking- the longing of how life works within and outside the digital realm.  It is freedom. – remixed from bell hooks critical thinking  

Please give us a little background about yourself in the form of links to your work online or a short overview of your pedagogical interests. *


Well in short, I’m Keesa V. Johnson and I’m an avant garde thinker, culture creative, and edge designer (big smile). I’m very excited to apply for a Digital Pedagogy fellowship.   It fits well with my illuminating personality.  Majority of my life I’ve been managing, orchestrating, creating, designing and exploring various types of learning environments.  My discipline knowledge as well as praxis is in theater immersion, media & information, serious game design/research as well as foresight. I’ve created several online graduate programs, certificates, digital badging credentials, and managed various MOOCs on Canvas, Edx, and Coursera. I’m known for my pivotal roles in co-creating Multimedia Online Learning Immersive Experiences (M.O.L.I.Es – MSU Zombie Course, MSU Combat Vets– Embracing the Stories of War, and MSU Food Futures) using immersive learning (simulations, scenarios, and role playing) pop culture, digital storytelling, digital branding, infused with“critical” pedagogical theories to build these transformative spaces. Yes, I’m what you would coin as many of us are a “new learner”. I’ve won various american advertising awards plus innovation and instructional technology awards for my collaborative works.  My design philosophy is Ubuntu, which is an African thought system grounded in what it means to be truly human. It translates, “I am because you are, you are because I am.”  Here to make visions come to life. Ready to be apart of something transcending. Looking forward in learning and growing from the digital pedagogy lab.  

critical learning

As a DPL Fellow, you may have the opportunity to present a 75-minute workshop. Please include a title and a short description for a workshop you might lead. *

Critical Learning – the emergence of passion, love, and the power of critical thinking

“Critical learning” is the essence of teaching and learning.  It is the simple connections created that allows all learning to happen despite the complexity of your surroundings, space, and time.    It is the capacity to determine “what is significant” which is central to the process of critical thinking (elder,2011).  This immersive workshop will take the participants upon a collective journey identifying critical learning connections while building a space for emergence.  Using a variety of mediums (twitter, poetry, video, music, etc) we will discuss various issues infused with popular culture contexts:

Storyscapes covered:

  • The automation of love
  • Take a knee movement with Colin Kaepernick
  • Flint water crisis – The poisoning of an american city
  • Puerto Rico – Still no relief
  • The Death of Erica Garner
  • Cultural appropriation – is it just the Kardashians?  
  • ABC’s The Good Doctor – Accessibility/Inclusion
  • Big Data – is it good or bad for myself and community?

The end result: A divergent story that will breath life  into an emergent strategy        (Adrienne Maree Brown) for the participants.  This is the beginning story plan of our journey as a collective throughout for 1 year of your willing participation within the digital pedagogy lab.  

Hope you will join me.

Keesa V. Johnson


The broken clocks of toxic work environments

“A story teller does not tell of a different season” – Yoruba proverb”

Tick tock

Tick tock


The old sound of chains


colonizing damages

No black woman’s voice for nurturing




Using a so called black boy’s mane

To allow the black woman to be forgotten.

As the “so called” liberal whore is there for the usage

labeling it “diversity”



trade in

In the war of

continuing inbreeding

fucked up thinking



white dominance

As the old crew of imperialism, capitalism, patriarchy, laughs, back bites, during golf or cigars

always pushing their personal agendas forward


Welcome to the “ game of orgs”


Winter is coming

it’s about who gets what when, and how from

scalable efficiencies

accessibility, diversity and inclusion are root words for keep it going…standardization  





within bastardized personal learning language

algorithms of homo sapien futurizing

that same ole shit

instead of New World, New Sound, New Thought, New Definitions that’s that “creative science” shit that’s embedded in African Thought Systems

top down

leadership masquerading as management

Flat culture

buzz world ritual management until it chokes

all the impactful creating from

learners as individuals

This is the “enlightenment” era of Ed technology

So everyone’s a casualty

Without the money, power, and title…really?

In this age, in this stage of the original man thinking…

Yet entrepreneurship is the new mindset for learners

design thinking



creativity as passive language

This system doesn’t want that shit!!!!

Let’s be realistic

augmenting the new workers

new chokers

new jokers

rejecting their own humanity

for a quick fix of the latest technology

mass producing non critical thinkers

to make it happen within the same old pipeline

of slavery

delivered personally under innovation and obedience

SHHHHH…no thinking

SHHHHH…don’t make no waves

SHHHHH…just do what’s required

be apart of the “buzz world” of non producing

only paper documents are required and a checklist if it was done or not

SHHHHH ignore the code of genius inside of you.

You’ll keep your job.

Tick tock

Tick tock

Tick tock



The broken clock of toxic work environments