No one wants to hear a black woman cry…

The image is by @ashelystraker of a  black queen with a crown made of energy silently crying on the inside. 

No one wants to hear

a black woman cry

they don’t want to hear the utter truth of reality

of how this society

is  not synced within the transmittal waves of the sun

or how the natural patterns of the universe

adjusts to the sounds of our creative souls

our being

that which was is

It is no more

being intermixed within a false reality

this global anti black anthem creates sickness

of  blame

at me

at things

at us black man

at you

while we, are in and incumbent slumber of perpetual nightmares

as some of you walk past within your lower vibration


we still love…we still love…we still love

Remember our dreams are mere touch points of learning

they do not define our souls

learning the secrets of

our trueselves


this unjust timing

as our cries go into the darkness of undefined love, misogynistic temptations of children not yet arisen

our tightly knit cries

of untrust

are just

what keeps the world in a midst of silent mercy

Can you feel the change of frequency

Where love resides?

let’s be silent…….

Its time

to recreate our reality again

within ourselves

our family

our community

it will happen only thru black women

No one wants to hear black women cry

except God,

the Universe and the sun..

The elements are our angels, spirit souls connected to our vibrations

So a nation can rise no higher than where have chosen to stand….

Sistas we have work todo within in our own skin.

Let’s lift our vibrations within circles

cut the tv off, stop posting, let our love vibrate faster the sound.

despite the daily pains we take to keep this world in tact

truthful cries covered in false reality

in authentic lies and systems

that keep creativity from breathing…..

No one wants to hear black women cry

except God,

the Universe and the sun..













that loves to learn

that has high regards to their education

that values being in school

that wants to learn to get ahead in life

that believes in certain skills

that loves conformity

that loves standardization

that loves in-person learning

that can take an online course

that can take Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

then there’s learners who value their creativity

they have a deep passion in change

and what they do in life is directly tied into

this passion

they have an entrepreneurial spirit

they don’t wait for anyone’s permission to lead or create

they value exploration

they champion the underdog

they are artists, designers, innovators, activist, scientist, educators, or sociologists

yet they champion the idea that everyone can learn

everyone can be apart of the learning process

learning is a fundamental right of being human

gatekeepers no longer exist

learners decide what they become

their direction is born innately within themselves

educators are guides and facilitators

ecosystems are created through community building

The learners use what they learn to better society

this is the time of creation and innovation

we cannot transform what is and what was

into the future

with the same type of mind

referencing the same type of thinking

diversity becomes a verb, the sword to murder

all the old ways

personal bias is challenged

being empathetic is an asset

It takes a new mind

with a new teacher

with new tools

to shape a new world

So here’s my siren

I’m yelling




frightened with what’s ahead

yet I’m here

in it

creating movements …

The revolution begins with re-imagining  our education

The system is dead

Welcome to the new learning revolution





It’s called living your life… Welcome to my new Learning path

I’ve never been the one to live life by another person standards yet growing up, I lived my life for my parents.  All my father wanted from me was to go to school, get good grades, graduate college with no babies.  My mom she had similar dreams such as me becoming a  graduate from Michigan State University because it was something she desired growing up.  She also wanted me to be expressive, a leader, and self sufficientgraphic badge of honor.     All while obtaining these “badges of honor” these skills sets for my parents, there was something shaping me to be who I am within this moment.

As my late Uncle Jr would say, “shiidd everything happens for a reason skinny.” See I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to make your parents proud.   As parents we all want to see our children grow and succeed in ways we never could.  I’ll never fault my parents for wanting my life to be better than their situation so they projected a bit of their desires onto myself.  One lesson I did learn, is that you should allow your children to be their true selves even if you don’t quite understand.  My parents sacrificed so much to see me succeed in life even their own personal happiness but that’s another story.  I’m so blessed to have a close relationship with both my parents in this moment of time.

J.Scott (!

So I graduated from college, married at a very young age, had three brilliant children, investment homes, 4 karat ring etc. even took family vacations twice a year.  Deep inside as I was smiling living the american dream of marriage and being grateful for the experiences I was seeking, yet I knew I wasn’t living MY LIFE the way God envisioned for me. There was something crying out GET IT TOGETHER keesav! LOL  I realized the learning path I had chosen for myself was built upon social constructs created as a false ecosystem of what life should be.    I really didn’t believe in the white picket fences, love at first site, or the dog in the yard.  So I grew up. Then embraced my change.  Over the past three years I have created a new learning ecosystem for my life and started to envision different learning paths of my choice to take, with God by my side.   For a long period in my life I stopped listening to my intuition until I decided to take the chance, step outside this created box and start to live for the first time in my life.   This road hasn’t been easy.  I’m learning so much about simple things in life.  Hell…its been a pretty colorful ride!  See when you’re living in the moment there isn’t a clear smooth road with bells, whistles, and smiles.  Everyone is not going to embrace you because of the different choices you decide to take that doesn’t fit within the box.  Many call it the road less traveled.  It can be a very lonely road…   There’s too much stimulus of not being then there is in being.   Conformity is easy. I tried it.   As Rita Mae Brown states:   

Quote from Rita Mae Brown

Conformity doesn’t work for me.  Doing and Being just like everyone else is not part of my personality.  It just isn’t.

I’m a dreamer.

I was born to make visions come to life!

I’m here to create and shape a new world through learning.

This blog is part of my experiences.

Welcome to my new learning path!

I am light.  @keesav